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I play a sound TAG (21/16, but my stats are specific to table conditions) game that attempts to get the most value out of my hands while making a minimum of mistakes.  It’s not sexy, but it’s a style that wins.   I’ve spent countless hours thinking about and discussing poker with some great players and I feel like I’m really good at articulating those ideas. I’ve also spent a lot of time working w/ stats and figuring out how to use them correctly.  A lot of what I coach will be helping you recognize a series profitable spots using stats and database analysis.  I think a lot of this game is finding repeatable spots where you can make a fraction of a BB.  You find a handful of these spots on each table over an hours play and you have a pretty solid win rate assuming you aren’t leaking too much in other areas.

I’ve also done a ton of work with Jared Tendler, the mental games coach.  I’m certainly not an expert in the area, but I’m sure I can help you with emotional control.

What I try to do in my coaching is to identify your leaks through database review and hand discussions and help you work through them in a systematic manner. As we work through these leaks we explore other opportunities for profit.   We close out each session reviewing hands that gave you trouble and through that I work on your hand reading/poker thought process.

I prefer not to do a lot of sweating,  I generally find sweating to be an inefficient use of your coaching dollars, too much time is spent waiting for something to happen and when it does it’s difficult to fully discuss it while action is going on.  Coaching through sweating is certainly easy as it requires no prep work, but I’m just not comfortable charging my prices for sweats.

What I prefer to do is sell my coaching in 5 hour blocks. Five hours for $750.  Officially a session is an hour, but I tend to go over as my schedule allows.  I love talking poker and have trouble shutting it down.  If you’re a package or regular student I’m also available via email or skype for questions.  I don’t chat while I’m grinding, but I work hard to answer questions as quick as possible.

I prefer not to coach by the single hour.  I feel I’m most effective when I can do a ton of prep work for our first session, but I’m not going to do that for a single session commitment.  However, if you have something very specific you want to work on feel free to ask and if I have the time I’ll consider it.

For the package you get:

A 30 minute introduction.  Make sure the software is working.  Talk about poker, hands, philosophy and see if you think we’ll be a good fit.  Help you send me your db, if needed.

If we’re a good fit you’ll transfer the $750, I’ll start the database analysis and we’ll do our first session in a few days.

Each session will start w/ concept review and discussion and end w/ a review of any hands you have that you want to discuss.  Starting with the second session we’ll discuss any issues that came up from the previous session.  Preflop and flop will take 3 session and we’ll usually cover turn and river play in the 4th session and use the last session to tie everything together.  I always customize based upon player needs, so each program will vary.

If you feel like your game is at a place where you really don’t want someone messing around with it (I feel this about my own game), I’m happy to let you direct the sessions and just pick my brain. If I’m not doing the database review I’ll throw in a 6th session.  I don’t recommend this for guys playing 200NL and under as I think I can add a ton to your game, but if a MSNL reg wanted to talk stats, I think this way would be a good use of our time.

I like to do 1 session/week given that you’ve played at least 10K hands.  My time is limited and preference will be given to students who commit to one session per week for the program.    Each session we want to integrate a couple of related ideas, have you try them out for a week then fix any issues that came up.  Wash and repeat.

I live in Thailand and that makes scheduling a bit difficult for some.  I play between 6PM and midnight US EST and I’m available everyday at midnight EST for coaching.   I may possibly take a Monday evening EST off of grinding and do sessions in the evening EST, if the demand exists.  If you’re an early morning person I can do something most days 6AM to 9AM EST (start time).  For European players (most my students are European) I can usually do something late afternoon your time.

I don’t like taking on more than 6 students at a time.  I’m usually full, but the waitlist usually isn’t more than 2 weeks.  I usually recommend students do two packages, maybe three, but never more.  The second package focuses on making sure all the new ideas are fully integrated into your game and a lot of time is spent on hand reading.  I can teach you most of what I have in that time frame and we experience too much diminishing returns after that point for it to continue to be a good investment for you.

Lastly, I’d like to say something about coaching.   There is no magic bullet.  There are no easy answers.  Your success in poker will be largely based upon your hard work and drive.  Luck is another big factor.  I was very lucky to run super hot when I first moved up to the midstakes giving me time and the bankroll to really learn the game.  As your coach I am identifying leaks and trying to guide your thought process to the next level.  I want to help you avoid going down blind alleys and help you make that next jump in your game.   Big advances in your game will come from playing thousands of hands, endlessly thinking about the game and finding peers to discuss the game.

I strongly prefer coaching players who, like me, are very serious about the game.  I obviously do this for the money, but it drives me nuts when I feel like I’m wasting my time and your money.

There can also be occasional internet issues-more so than you would expect in the US-and I want you to be aware of that up front.  I have the best internet available and it’s almost always fine, but there’s usually a time or two each month were the internet isn’t good enough for screen sharing.  If that happens, we’ll reschedule.  You won’t miss out on anything, but it is possible some time will be wasted dealing with these issues and rescheduling.

Other than issues outside my control, I don’t miss sessions and I’m always prepared. I’ve missed one session out of hundreds and that was because I was jet lagged after flying from Bangkok to LA and tried to stay awake for a session.

I’m probably not much of a salesman.  I do believe my coaching has tremendous value, but I don’t like people coming in with unrealistic expectations.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I can accept transfers on Stars and FullTilt. Paypal, Ecocard and Moneybookers preferred.  Let me know your preference and we’ll set up the transfer and a time for the initial meeting.

You can contact me here at


I coached Alan for a while about 1-2 years ago and got to meet him in person once. He’s a gunuine person, has his head on straight, and thinks about poker really well.  Alan is one of those people who “gets it” and has had life experiences outside of poker, which I think is hugely important when considering a coach. He’s not some kid who is going to flake out as many coaches do.

I’m sure Alan will approach his coaching the way he approached his study with me and his actual game play, which is a very professional and thought provoking manner.

Aaron “WiltonTilt” Wilt

Alan hasn’t been my coach, so I can’t recommend him for the perspective of one of his long-term students.  I lived with him for a couple of months in Thailand, and that experience is where my recommendation comes from.

Primarily, I have been impressed by his professionalism and commitment to both his own game and to his students.

He has been generous enough to spend a non-trivial amount of time talking over issues I’ve had with session and tilt management, as well as spending several free hours with a struggling 50NL player who lived near us who was in danger of not being able to make it as a professional player.

I have also been able to overhear several of his paid and non-paid coaching sessions since we worked in the same room for quite some time.

He has himself played millions of SSNL/MSNL hands as a winning player and can also articulate his thought processes and help you develop yours.  From a coaching standpoint, he seems particularly adept at quickly spotting leaks of his students as well as helping them determine where they want to go with poker and how to get there. I’m sure that I would disagree with him on some minor issue, but I don’t know anyone who I agree  100% with on poker strategy.

I also know that he is going to give you everything he can for your money.  From what I can tell, paying for an hour (or more) gets you a lot more than that of his attention.  He would often bring up issues from his time with a student to get input from me and other winning professionals.

Quite simple, he’s not a sexy TV personality or high stakes player, but I know for a fact that he’s played more SSNL/MSNL hands at a significant win rate than a large percentage of the players offering coaching  just because they range hot for 100,000 hands and have a sexy playing style.

Steven “Virge” Lawrence

In the time that I’ve known and coached Alan, 2 years ago or so, I’ve formed a similar impression as Wilt.

Alan is proven to be one of the most consistent people I’ve been around. He’s hard working, always prepared, asked a lot of questions and had a strong desire to get the most out of every session we had.  He’s a critical thinker that doesn’t take things at face value and has a strong passion for learning. He’s creative and able to come up with novel solutions to problems0and willing to put in the time necessary to even get to that point.

Most of all Alan’s just a solid good guy who when talking with you can tell he cares about people and I imagine he’ll work hard for you.

Jared Tendler, mental games coach (and the best investment you can make in your poker game, imo)

Alan  is a technically superb coach with an eye for detail like a hawk. He is a fantastic mentor, and if you are willing to work hard enough, this man has the ability to turn anyone into a winning poker player.

Lee Davy, poker writer and professional poker player

Just wanted to say +1 to Alan being a very cool guy who understands poker. He thinks about poker right. That puts him ahead of at least 70% of SSNL ‘coaches’ in my mind.

otis_nixon, well known curmudgeon and crusader against coaching scams.



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