Great Staking Opportunity

We’re interested in expanding our staking business.   We started staking due to so many players getting their rolls stuck on Black Friday and have used word of mouth since then.  We’ve found we really enjoy backing, especially intensively coaching players and improving their game.  We’ve spend the past few months developing our training program and feel we have something unmatched by anyone else.
We’re primarily interested in 6-max and full ring no-limit players.  Each month we plan on bringing on a few new players.

The ideal candidate:

100K hands of verifiable breakeven or profitable poker at NL$50+ (NL25 in euros or pounds also count).
Ability to grind 40K hands/month.
References/forum participation.
Highly motivated to become a better poker player.
Able to make an account and play under our affiliate on PartyPoker, IPoker, Microgamiing, Entraction or Merge.

We’ll also consider:

NL10 and 25 players with at least breakeven results who can grind 40K hands/month.
NL50+ players who can play 20-40K hands/month.
Players playing heads up,sngs and other games.

What we offer:

A generous profit split:  60/40 split of table profits in the backees favor.  If you are losing on the month 50/50 split of rakeback.  For winning months you receive 100% of your rakeback.  Any site bonus, rake race, or site points (exception of PartyPoker) are 100% yours regardless of table profits.

Coaching matched by no other backing group.  Each week we do 4-6 hours of group classes.  Every 50K hands Alan does a 90 minute stat/game review with you.  You can expect to do two small group video review or sweat sessions each month.  We have a growing library of recorded sessions for you to view.  You’ll have a skype chat group of players playing similar stakes where both Devin and Alan participate.

We are offering this deal to attract the best players and to establish long term relationships with them.  We are very confident in our ability to add value to your game over the long term.

If you’re interested, send us an email.  Tell us more about your poker experience.  Include screen shots of HM/PT3 showing your stats and links to PTR or other tracking sites for your screen name.  Why do want to be staked?  How much volume to do you expect to put in?

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