We have rakeback deals on nearly every network.  Specifically we just set up a deal with Terminal Poker which has a game similar to FT RUSH.  We’re currently testing out the site and software.  Limits are low right now, but if their software is good they’ll grow quickly as will the limits.


Our affiliate program runs under a different philosophy from other rakeback sites.  Rake races are nice, but we offer is an opportunity to become a better player and in the end make you more money.  Alan will do his package coaching for $7000 in paid rake or a single session for $2000 in paid rake.  We’ll also offer access to our weekly group coaching sessions if you’re raking $1500/month (the rake still counts for the private coaching).


We are also offering self-staking deals that receive the full benefits of our very popular backing program.  In return for small portion of your rakeback and having you playing under our affiliate we’ll give you full access to our backign program which we believe is unmatched by anyone else.  Email us for more information.

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