We’ll be considering new applications for staking in the middle of August.  Feel free to send in your application before then.  Include all relevant information.  Well formatted and complete applications will give you an edge.  We’re looking for individuals who can show a verifiable history on consistent grinding and at least slightly profitable results over a decent sample.  NL50 and NL25EU are the lowest stakes we are actively interested in staking and we will need to see success at that level or the level below.  Volume is key and the higher the volume the more willing we are to stake a bit lower or take on someone who has had trouble winning.

For those who don’t meet our criteria you are welcome to join our self-staking program.  If you play under our affiliate we’ll give you the full benefits of our staking program for a small cut of your rakeback.  Email us for more information.

Details of our staking program benefits:

We have developed a private community of serious poker players grinding 50-200NL.  We use a number of different methods to share what has made us successful.  We have skype chat groups, a private forum, group coaching sessions and a growing library of recorded videos (over 100 hours).  Our players spend a ton to time working together, reviewing hands and sweating.  Alan does a database review with each player every 50K hands to help find leaks.

Our concept is to articulate winning core concepts to the group through chat, video and the forum and then have the group work together to fully understand and integrate these concepts into their game. These winning core concepts  have allowed us to maintain high win rates over millions of hands playing in increasingly tough conditions.   It is our strong belief that improving at poker comes from repeated exposure and active discussion of solid poker strategy with other solid players and we have set up a program dedicated to achieving that goal.
We give our players a larger split than other staking operations so that we’ll attract a better quality player and develop a long term relationship.
We believe so strongly in our concept that we do not have contractual hand requirements (you don’t have to play a minimum number of hands before you can leave) nor do we prevent you from leaving when in makeup.

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