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Alan is a long time professional poker player and poker has been his primary source of income for the past 7 years.  He has played a variety of games and has focused solely on no limit for the past 6 years.  He has played over 4 million hands of no limit and over a million of those hands at 400NL+.

He’s a video producer for BlueFirePoker.

Alan plays a TAG style game (22/16, but stats shift as game dynamics change) that focuses on getting the most value out of every situation while making as few mistakes as possible.  He specializes in effectively using stats to make decisions and using HM to analyze his game and find his opponents leaks.

Alan enjoys using the freedom that poker provides to travel.  He currently lives in Northern Thailand.

Below is a graph of his last 1 million hands played just prior to Black Friday.  It is filtered for 200NL+ shnl only. Significant profits are missing from early 2009 when he had a hard drive crash and didn’t have hands saved elsewhere.



stats 200SHNL+


Here are Alan’s recent hands as of Jan 2013



Dangerfish is one of the hardest working grinders in today’s poker community.  He has poured a ton of resources into improving his game.   After switching from LHE to NL five years ago he has studied with some of the best coaches online,  including NL Soldier, Jeetoriuos, Baluga Whale, Chauncy Shorts, Slider, and Think It Through.  He has also had HEM coaching from Mpethybridge and has worked with both Jared Tendler and Kevin Ranken on the psychology of dealing with poker.    SSNL students will appreciate his ability to map out the road to improving their games.    Dangerfish has been able to 10 table SSNL/MSNL for several million hands without a single significant  downswing and he is committed to helping students learn from his experiences.



Dangerfish last 890K hands


dangerfish stats 890K hands