Skrill VIP

We can get you Skrill VIP with extra cash rewards. Email with your Skrill email address. They will let you know if you can be upgraded. To be upgraded you need to deposit 2K EU. This money can be withdrawn from your poker account and redeposited. Let the know that you’ve made your deposit. You’re now...


We can help you get VIP status with Skrill/Moneybookers. For new accounts or accounts inactive for 6 months. Sign up here and email us at with your user email.



Jan 27, 2012

Rakeback Deals

We have rakeback deals for most sites and offer private coaching credits for players under our affiliate.  Please contact to us for specific site rakeback deals.


We have rakeback deals on nearly every network.  Specifically we just set up a deal with Terminal Poker which has a game similar to FT RUSH.  We’re currently testing out the site and software.  Limits are low right now, but if their software is good they’ll grow quickly as will the limits.   Our affiliate program runs under a different...

Rakeback/Coaching Deals

What we are offering for those who sign up under our affiliate  is access to our group coaching.   Alan is  a BlueFirePoker coach and Devin is a long time MSNL grinder.  Together  They’ve played over 6 million hands of NL at 200NL+. Our combined win rate is close to 4pt while playing 9-12 tables.  In our sessions our goal is to give you the...