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Guys -I’ve won over $2,000,000 playing poker. I’ve done coaching with the best and most expensive coaches in the world. I feel compelled to write that Alan’s product is incredibly innovative, specific, effective, and informative. if you are considering working with him, you should stop thinking, and start working. There is no chance you won’t be satisfied with your investment. Really, this should be something that costs many hundreds of dollars/hour, not $150*.

Thanks Alan – it was great.

Harry borntarun Greenhouse

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My goal to make you feel that you received insane value for your coaching dollars. I’m very flexible with how we structure our coaching sessions. Feel free to email me with any questions.


I coached Alan for a while about 1-2 years ago and got to meet him in person once. He’s a genuine person, has his head on straight, and thinks about poker really well.  Alan is one of those people who “gets it” and has had life experiences outside of poker, which I think is hugely important when considering a coach. He’s not some kid who is going to flake out as many coaches do.I’m sure Alan will approach his coaching the way he approached his study with me and his actual game play, which is a very professional and thought provoking manner.

Alan hasn’t been my coach, so I can’t recommend him for the perspective of one of his long-term students.  I lived with him for a couple of months in Thailand, and that experience is where my recommendation comes from.Primarily, I have been impressed by his professionalism and commitment to both his own game and to his students.He has been generous enough to spend a non-trivial amount of time talking over issues I’ve had with session and tilt management, as well as spending several free hours with a struggling 50NL player who lived near us who was in danger of not being able to make it as a professional player.I have also been able to overhear several of his paid and non-paid coaching sessions since we worked in the same room for quite some time.He has himself played millions of SSNL/MSNL hands as a winning player and can also articulate his thought processes and help you develop yours.  From a coaching standpoint, he seems particularly adept at quickly spotting leaks of his students as well as helping them determine where they want to go with poker and how to get there. I’m sure that I would disagree with him on some minor issue, but I don’t know anyone who I agree  100% with on poker strategy.I also know that he is going to give you everything he can for your money.  From what I can tell, paying for an hour (or more) gets you a lot more than that of his attention.  He would often bring up issues from his time with a student to get input from me and other winning professionals.Quite simple, he’s not a sexy TV personality or high stakes player, but I know for a fact that he’s played more SSNL/MSNL hands at a significant win rate than a large percentage of the players offering coaching  just because they range hot for 100,000 hands and have a sexy playing style.
In the time that I’ve known and coached Alan, 2 years ago or so, I’ve formed a similar impression as Wilt.Alan is proven to be one of the most consistent people I’ve been around. He’s hard working, always prepared, asked a lot of questions and had a strong desire to get the most out of every session we had.  He’s a critical thinker that doesn’t take things at face value and has a strong passion for learning. He’s creative and able to come up with novel solutions to problems0and willing to put in the time necessary to even get to that point.Most of all Alan’s just a solid good guy who when talking with you can tell he cares about people and I imagine he’ll work hard for you.
Jared Tendler, mental games coach (and the best investment you can make in your poker game, imo)
Alan  is a technically superb coach with an eye for detail like a hawk. He is a fantastic mentor, and if you are willing to work hard enough, this man has the ability to turn anyone into a winning poker player.
Lee Davy, poker writer and professional poker player
Just wanted to say +1 to Alan being a very cool guy who understands poker. He thinks about poker right. That puts him ahead of at least 70% of SSNL ‘coaches’ in my mind.
otis_nixon, well known curmudgeon and crusader against coaching scams.